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Things to Consider Before Taking a Home Loan

No matter at what stage of your career you’re planning to buy a house, it is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. It is a considerably large investment, and most of us need financial assistance, in … Read More

Health Insurance Explained

Summary of the Blog: The blog explains the meaning and concept of Health Insurance. The blog also discusses the importance of having health insurance. The various types of health insurance policies available in India dwelled upon. The Government of India … Read More

Reasons of budget fail and best ways to avoid them

Summary of the blog – Budgeting is a prudent financial activity for people who wish to save for the future. It helps reduce the habit of overspending and differentiating between needs and wants. However, even a well-planned budget may fail … Read More

Why is Financial Planning Important?

Self-actualization is said to be the ultimate need of a human being. Once attained, it is said to be the highest form of psychological development of a person. However, to understand how self-actualization can be reached and how these needs … Read More

Financial Habits Beneficial for Lifelong

This article is about various steps to be followed by women in a financial guide for managing money and has answers to frequently asked questions about investments. Why should women follow good financial habits? Developing good financial habits like regular … Read More

Importance of Women Entrepreneurs 

Blog Summary Women entrepreneurship has been on the rise globally. In fact, about 1/3rd of the growth-oriented active entrepreneurs in the world today are women. According to a report by EdelGive Foundation, in India alone, the number of businesses owned … Read More

Get to know the basics of Mutual Funds

Get to know the basics of Mutual Funds Summary The article defines mutual funds and their function. It lists the different types of mutual funds available to potential investors, depending upon their goals and capacity to invest, and the various … Read More

Beginner’s guide to a Credit Card

Summary: Credit cards can be your key to financial freedom. With multiple features and the offers that come with it, credit cards are an excellent option for managing your expenses. Using a credit card is easy, and it is more … Read More

Why Choose Gold as a prominent source of Investment?

Summary  If you’re a risk-averse investor looking for consistent profits, gold is the way to go. Gold is a one-of-a-kind asset: it’s both a symbol of luxury and an investment, and it’s extremely liquid while also being scarce. Because gold … Read More

How Can Women Take Control of Their Money?

Blog Summary It is such an anomaly when financially-independent women have to fall back on their male counterparts to manage their finances. It is high time they become conversant of the fundamental principles of financial planning and make informed financial … Read More