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Your Search For Thes Best Expense Tracker App In India Ends Here!
By Team Shepays
2 days ago
best expense tracker app in India | Shepays
Expense tracking is one of the most underrated habits! No matter, if you are a working individual or someone who runs their own business, a housewife or a university student, tracking your expenses, is quite necessary by all means. Managing budgets and cutting down on extra and unnecessary expenses becomes easier when you find out how much money is going where. If you start tracking your expenses through the best expense tracker app, in India, this whole scenario becomes even more quick and hassle-free!
Want to know why? Don’t worry, we’ll help you understand the key features that should be there in an expense tracking app. We have also highlighted the noteworthy advantages of having an expense tracker platform like ShePays on your device.
Advantages of having an expense tracker app
When you have an expense tracker app handy, there are so many pros that it offers.
Setting and Managing your budget
The most important advantage of expense tracking apps is that they help you set and control your budgets. You can manually set your desired budget within the app or the portal and the app will do the rest. The daily budget or monthly budget can be set and your app will give you repeated alerts and reminders regarding the same. This way you can also make out how much money you need to save or spend every day or every month.
Broader classification
The best expense tracker app in India helps in classifying your expenses into various categories. This categorisation can help in further understanding how much money is going into which kind of expenses. You can easily analyse and decide which category of expenses requires cost-cutting. For instance, if you are spending too much on junk food or on video games, you can control your expenses in those specific categories by looking at the amount you have spent for each category individually.
Easy accessibility
These trackers are very easily accessible, from anywhere at any time. Some trackers even have an offline mode to assist you in tracking and recording all your expenses even without an internet connection. You also get to access these trackers through apps, portals or spreadsheets on your mobile or system.
Automation of tasks
The best expense tracker app in India is made to make things easier for you. Things are automated in these trackers thus saving you the time to calculate your expenses or create reports and analyse spending manually. You can quickly do all this by directly looking at the reports, charts and graphs provided inside the app.
Detailed summary and reports
All your expenses and savings can be analysed easily by looking through the reports already created through your personal expense tracker app. These apps create a detailed analysis of all the expenses and savings you have fed into the tracker. These reports and summaries can be truly helpful in deeply understanding your spending habits and further making the required alterations.
Reminders and alerts
The best expense tracker app in India also comes with the feature of sending you alerts and reminders. You can set up bill payment reminders within the app to ensure you make timely payments and don’t deviate from managing your fixed expenses. There could also be a feature of sending you automatic alerts regarding your expenses or savings. Many apps send you alerts when you are nearing exhausting your set budget before time or if you are spending unusually.
With all the features mentioned till now, these apps provide the utmost comfort and convenience to anybody using them. The best expense tracker app in India can always be your companion in effortlessly tracking your expenses and managing your budget with ease and strictness. This also saves so much time and effort that you can put into other priority things. We insist you get yourself a personal expense tracker app free of cost.
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Who can Benefit from the Best Expense Tracker App in India?
Salaried employees
Salaried employees can benefit from the expense tracker app significantly. Job goers have a hard time keeping track of their especially due to lack of time. Meanwhile, the expenses of salaries employees are sky-high, especially for those who stay independently. There’s grocery shopping, EMIs, bill payments, house rents, shopping expenses and whatnot! It becomes extremely tiring and hopeless to track all those miscellaneous expenses now and then amidst work and responsibilities. Thus, the best expense tracker app in India can truly be a saviour for these individuals
Small Business Owners
Small business owners often struggle to understand how to track expenses. There is too much going on and generally, the expenses are too much as compared to earnings. So it becomes even more crucial to keep a tab on every single expense you are incurring for running your small business. Hence, you can also make use of the best expense tracker app in India! These are helpful when you want to track the expenses related to imports and exports, manufacturing costs, miscellaneous expenses, and money spent on electricity, conveyance, transportation and bills.
While homemakers may not directly earn any money, they are equally involved in all the expenses and costs of managing and running the house. Buying groceries, clothes, household essentials, and giving wages to maids or house cleaners, there are so many day-to-day expenses involved. It may become difficult to keep track of these small to big expenses in the mind. Thus, a personal expense tracker app can make the job easier for you.
Students have so many expenses from buying study materials, and books, to getting printouts, to paying hostel rent, tuition fees and conveyance charges. These minor expenses can be difficult to keep track of while also keeping up with the studies and courses or preparing for your exams. Having the best expense tracker app in India on your device will act like a true helping hand minimising your stress and even helping you set up your budget as well.
If you are a freelancer, you know how it demands a lot of independence like managing your own costs and expenses. It will become easy to keep track of all the payments and expenses you make and receive by using an income and expense tracker. You can categorise your expenses on the basis of different clients and different services that you offer. It also becomes easy to understand which service or which client is continuing how much in increasing or decreasing your costs with respect to providing the best services to them.
What Is The Best App For Expense Tracking?
When you search for the best expense tracker app in India, you will find many options. But to know the best, you need to analyse how many functionalities an app provides. Some key factors that make ShePays stand out among the best expense-tracking apps are as follows.
User-friendly interface- The interface that ShePays provides is very simple and easy to use. The whole process of logging in, entering expenses, categorising them and then understanding everything is very painless. You get to navigate between tabs and contemplate things quickly without stressing too much.
Great Insights- This best expense tracker app in India displays great insights through a visual representation of your budget and expenses. You get to understand how much you have spent or how much you have saved through pie charts and percentage bars. These visual diagrams make understanding your financial analytics easier without even the need to give too much time to calculate and analyse things manually.
Multiple Features- ShePays expense tracker provides you with so many features at the same time. You get to record your expenses, set your budget, manage your budget, set your goals for how much money you want to save for a particular month and add reminders and alerts. You also get to understand your spending habits through the insights that the tracker prepares for you.
Easy Accessibility- How about easily accessible apps that help you manage your expenses without giving you a hard time? ShePays is truly a godsend. The app is completely accessible through your mobile device as well as your system. You can access the app from anywhere at any time without worrying too much. You spend a penny and record it into the tracker the very next moment, it's that accessible and quick!
Well, we would say any individual can significantly make use of the best expense tracker app in India. Anybody who incurs costs and expenses no matter small or big can utilise ShePays and make their expense tracking easier than ever. Noting down everything on paper is too much time while keeping every single expense in mind is truly not humanly possible. Thus, making use of an effective expense-tracking app or portal will help you lower your burden and assist you in maintaining your expenses and staying within your budget. You won't have to keep holding your head in stress anymore because when you sit at the end of the month to understand your spending and savings, you know it will be easier with the best expense tracker in India like ShePays by your side.
How to track my spending?
You can track your expenses by entering your expenses in an expense tracker app.
Is the spending tracker app free?
Most of the expense tracker apps are free but also offer subscription-based features for a better experience and deeper insights.
Are expense manager apps safe?
Not all apps are safe and secure and can lead to data and privacy breaches. Thus, it is crucial to choose a safe and secure expense tracker app like ShePays to track your expenses.
What is the best app to track daily expenses?
ShePays is the best expense tracker app in india that offers so many features along with an easy and simple interface.