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Learn How To Block Debit Cards And Never Lose Another Or Stress About Losing Money!
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2 days ago
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The debit cards are the simplest and the most efficient modes to make the payments. Both the problem of the credit limit and the stress of not having an opportunity to clear the outstanding balance at the appropriate time are eliminated. On the other hand, there are many such cases reported by cardholders from time to time being faced with the problem of card fraudsters copying their debit cards and consequently using them to steal money. With the onset of better technology as well as the increased popularity of debit cards, it became easier to clone debit cards these days. Debit card blocking should be your immediate step if you ever lose it or detect some suspicious transactions on your bank accounts. The procedure of how to block debit cards might be different from one bank to another and can easily be accessed on the internet.
Why Is Learning How To Block Debit Cards Essential?
Following are the instances where the know-how of blocking debit cards comes to use.
Stolen card: It is important to immediately call your bank to block the debit card when your wallet, with both credit and debit cards in it, gets stolen as you do not want anyone using your card for the wrong reasons. You can do it on your own as well if you possess the knowledge of how to block debit cards.
Lost card: If you do not find your debit card even after checking multiple times it is more advisable for you to immediately block your card. You can always get a replacement card issued or unblock it if you locate it later.
Unauthorised payments: If you have doubts that your debit card information has been hacked by a third party, you can check for an unauthorised transaction on your card that you did not initiate. In adverse circumstances like these, you must turn off your debit card immediately and this calls for being wise in taking the steps to deactivate debit cards.
Unsuccessful card use attempts: If you get notifications about unsuccessful efforts to take out cash from an ATM that you did not start, your debit card is not in the right hands. Your card has to be blocked right now.
Different Ways of Blocking a Debit Card
Connecting With the Support Team
Contacting the customer service number will enable you to understand how to block debit cards. You can connect with the dedicated team of experts and speak with a representative about how to block debit cards. In order to confirm your identification, the agent will also need some facts before blocking your card. He may ask for your account number, and your personal information or may even verify your signature.
Using the Mobile App
Moreover, you can block your card using the bank's mobile banking application. You must sign up for mobile banking in order to utilise this feature. After that, you can choose to block your card. To submit your request, tap on it and follow the instructions that are provided in the application itself. It will guide you on how to block debit cards.
Using SMS Option
By sending an SMS to the number supplied by the card issuer, you can also get your debit card blocked. You can utilise the standard SMS format provided by all banks and send messages from the registered mobile phone. As soon as the message is sent and your card has been blocked, you will receive a confirmation.
Automatic Blocking
In certain circumstances, the bank may automatically block your debit card. Some of the most common reasons for the bank to automatically block your card are listed below.
If the card you have is no longer valid.
If the incorrect PIN is entered more than three times.
Once you have activated the new card, the bank will automatically disable the old one.
In a security breach, the bank will immediately block all transactions made with your debit card to prevent losses and issue you a new one.
The bank may contact the client for proof of a transaction or simply block the card if the system recognises an irregular activity. For instance, after verifying the transaction, the card might get blocked if the amount swiped exceeds Rs 50,000 and your daily spending pattern is Rs 5,000.
Automated Reporting System
Banks have been directed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to notify clients of transactions via email and mobile devices. This email concludes with a number that you may use to ban your debit card. You can block your card via an automatic reporting system by following these instructions.
You can report any fraudulent activity to the number provided at the end of the email if you discover money has been taken out of your account or if you receive an SMS about it.The card will be banned right away when you simply forward the SMS or email alert you get to this number.
Safety Tips To Follow When Using The Debit Card
While having the information on how to block debit cards is essential, you may also keep in mind the following advice to stay out of trouble and safeguard your money.
Enable two-factor authentication.
Regularly change your debit card PIN.
Choose to receive transaction alerts via mobile.
Refrain from writing down or sharing your ATM PIN.
When using your debit card, make sure to use a secure network.
Refrain from giving your card to the cashier when making a purchase
You potentially save your money by putting the recommendations into practice and taking the precautions that help. Never disregard the primacy of safety, neither with debit or credit card.
How to Reissue Debit Card?
The most common approach is to send an SMS from your registered mobile number using the format specified by your bank's SMS banking service. To request that the relevant authorities reissue a debit card, you may also contact the customer service team about the matter. On top of that, you may reissue debit cards through phone, online and mobile banking.
Different Ways of Unblocking a Debit Card
The debit card can be blocked due to multiple reasons which is why the issue of unlocking one will be based on the initial trigger that made the card to be blocked.
Automatic Unblock
If you enter the wrong PIN code three consecutive times, your card is blocked for 24 hours to prevent misuse. However, it will unlock by itself after a day.
Contacting The Support Team
If you happen to lock your card by accident, you can get assistance from the customer care department by calling them and requesting to disable the block. After the bank has verified your request and disclosed the details, your card will be unblocked.
Using the Mobile App
Using the bank's mobile app or by signing into your net banking account, you may easily unblock your card. After logging in, you can unlock the card by navigating to the unblock option.
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The Debit Card is a highly helpful instrument for making payments since it takes money directly out of the bank account. One of the best ways to ensure the security of your money is to have the bank disable your ATM card if any unhappening event occurs. By doing this, you can make sure that fraudsters cannot access your bank account or money.
Nowadays there are several options for blocking your debit card. This is a reliable alternative if your card is lost or stolen, or if you observe any suspicious activity. Knowledge of how to block debit cards guarantees that it is not misused and helps stop unauthorised purchases.
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If my debit card is disabled, how can I take money out of it?
You can request the bank for a temporary unblocking.
Can I unblock my debit card by calling my bank?
Yes. Almost every bank provides a calling service for unblocking the debit card.
How long will a debit card be blocked after entering the wrong pin?
Usually due to entering the wrong pin a debit card gets blocked for around 24 hours.